A tactile sensor using single layer graphene for surface texture recognition

Sungwoo Chun, Yeonhai Choi, Dong Ik Suh, Gi Yoon Bae, Sangil Hyun, Wanjun Park

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Tactile sensors capable of texture recognition are essential for artificial skin functions. In this work, we describe a tactile sensor with a single sensor architecture made of single layer graphene that can recognize surface texture based on the roughness of the interacting surface. Resistance changes due to the local deformation of a local area of the single layer graphene are reflected in the resistance of the entire sensor. By introducing microstructures inspired by human finger prints, surface texture was successfully defined through fast Fourier transform analysis, and spatial resolution was easily achievable. This work provides a simple method utilizing a single sensor for surface texture recognition at the level of human sensation without using a matrix architecture which requires high density integration technology with force and vibration sensor elements.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)10248-10255
Number of pages8
Issue number29
StatePublished - 2017 Aug 7

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